Our mission is ‘saving lives through education’. We feel that too many dogs are relinquished to shelters and/or euthanized as a result of behavior problems. Many deaths can be prevented if the aggressive behaviors are averted with early training or corrected by enlisting professional dog behavior experts. With a little time and effort most dogs with inappropriate behaviors can be rehabilitated.

Knowing this, Krystal was the driving force behind Ridge Dogs, a unique dog training program that gives prison inmates new purpose and rehabilitates shelter dogs. Through education and ongoing mentoring the inmates learn training and minor behavior modification techniques which they then use to train dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.  The program is currently operating at Coyote Ridge Correctional Facility in Connell, Washington. The outcome has been incredibly successful and has changed the lives of numerous dogs through adoption and inmates who have learned valuable lessons about themselves and real world skills. Click here to learn more about the Ridge Dog program and how you can adopt one of these great dogs.