Behavior Modification Articles

Nobody wants to be bitten, and nobody wants to have their dog bite a child, vet, or groomer (or hopefully anyone else for that matter). We need to teach our dogs to let us take care of the without resisting us. We should always watch for signs of… read more

We often use barriers for the dogs’ protection but at times these barriers can have side effects; one side effect is barrier frustration. The challenge to owners is missing the right cues and trying to fix the wrong component.  Barrier… read more

Q.     We have a puppy who is almost 4 months old who bites like an alligator. He has made all of the family bleed and has caused bruising to most of us. He will be a big dog and we don't know what to do. We've tried giving him time outs and… read more

This was a referral email from another dog trainer. She asked if she could come along with me on the private lesson and give her some advise on what to do in this case as she was not used to getting people to accept crossover training. Crossover… read more

Q:          My dog is displaying symptoms of Separation and Isolation Anxiety as well as having abnormal sleep patterns. She gets plenty of exercise but it seems to wind her up even more. She is a 6 month old German Shorthair/Wirehair… read more

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