Basic Training Articles

Ian Dunbar's books offer a wealth of training information on potty training, socialization, and more.  I highly recommend that anyone with a puppy read these books before you begin puppy class. To download a copy click here to access our Downloads… read more

I often get requests to train dogs to respond to environmental cues, such as having a dog go to its bed when the doorbell rings.  To accomplish this I take a two-fold approach founded in classical and operant conditioning. First, we must get the read more

Teaching a dog to stand and stay until released is a great way to help teach self control and to help them go from one position to another. Here are a few ways to teach stand/stay. Method 1: Starting from sit hold your hand, palm up a few… read more

I am often approached with people who have a new show puppy wanting the benefits of puppy class but not wanting 'to confuse the puppy' by teaching sit. Most likely their breeder has been showing dogs for a long time and gave them the advice that… read more

Clicker training is a way of training your dog to perform various behaviors with little or no force. Dogs can quickly be taught to understand the meaning of a clicker if the person on the loop end of the leash understands the concepts clearly. This read more

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