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I often get requests to train dogs to respond to environmental cues, such as having a dog go to its bed when the doorbell rings.  To accomplish this I take a two-fold approach founded in classical and operant conditioning. First, we must get the read more

What does this concept have to do with dog training? Well, if you ask me it is the root of training. All too often people are concerned with being ‘alpha’ or ‘dominant’ and forget to be their dog’s friend – didn’t most of us get them… read more

We often use barriers for the dogs’ protection but at times these barriers can have side effects; one side effect is barrier frustration. The challenge to owners is missing the right cues and trying to fix the wrong component.  Barrier… read more

Summer festivities, like picnics and the celebrating Independence Day, make for good times with family and friends, including your dog friends!  Here are some helpful tips for making sure your furry friends stay safe (Provided by the ASPCA). … read more

Q:     Every time I take my dog anywhere she pays attention to everything but me. She is good at home but sometimes I don't think she even realizes I am holding the leash. I am scared to let her off leash even in the dog park because she won't… read more

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