The Speak Dog Story

Speak Dog offers effective dog training using gentle and humane methods. Our approach focuses on understanding and building positive relationships between dogs and their owner. When that relationship is a harmonious one, everyone wins!

If there are behavior issues, our objective is to find the cause of the behavior rather than only treating symptoms. We recognize that well behaved dogs mean happy tales…and tails!

Our service is mobile, serving owners throughout the Tri-Cities from Burbank to Benton City and all cities in between. We also offer group classes through the City of Richland, Washington at the Richland Community Center and at Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, Washington.

Our Inspiration

Speak Dog was founded in 2008 by behavior consultant Krystal Ellingson. With a passion for improving the lives of dogs Krystal set herself on a path of learning. Her goal was to gain as much knowledge as possible on training techniques and dog behavior. Today, Krystal continues to seek out education, attending conferences around the United States to learn new theories and behavioral techniques from the best in the business, including Dr. Ian Dunbar, Victoria Stillwell, Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, Sue Sternberg, Suzanne Clothier, Terry Ryan, Bob Bailey, Pia Sylvanni, Trish King, Turid Rugaas and others.   She then brings this knowledge to her clients here in southeastern Washington. Click here to learn more about Krystal.