Board & Train

Board & Train is a great way to teach your puppy or dog new skills quickly. We accept dogs of every level.  Skills we work on can vary from basic training, socialization, potty training, house manners, advanced social interaction, and much more.

With this hands-on approach your dog lives in the trainer’s home for a specified period of time. It is is typically used for advanced specialty training or behavior modification. During Board & Train time the trainer is responsible for the dog including training and care.  Due to the special nature of  Board & Train, space is limited and subject to trainer discretion. Dogs receive quality care and training including: meeting exercise requirements, grooming requirements, training on the topics of your choice for a minimum of 2 hours each day, and the benefit of a home environment to reduce stress and help your dog learn as quickly as possible.

Daily rate: $165
Weekly rate (7 day week): $880
Monthly rate: $2,750 

$165.00 — $2,750.00