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Teaching a dog to lie down can help keep it out of trouble. ‘Down’ is also a calm and passive posture, you can use it to relax your dog or to help them settle down around new friends. Here are a few ways to teach down/stay. Method 1:… read more

Teaching a dog to sit and stay until released is a great way to help teach a dog good manners. Here are a few ways to teach sit/stay. Method 1: This method uses a treat as a lure.  Starting with treat in hand move the lure from in front… read more

When our dogs are performing a cue reliably, it is time to raise the criteria. Adding duration, distance or distractions will make a behavior more difficult but will also help your dog to understand what is expected of it. Our goal is to keep a dog… read more

The most fundamental aspect of leadership is trust. Being a good leader means being consistent, fair, understanding, and in control. It is important to know that leadership and dominance are not the same thing. We do not have to be dominant to be… read more

Dogs need us to take time to let them explore the world. They need to be allowed to investigate things. Socialization is often misunderstood when it comes to dogs. Socialization is not just putting your puppy or dog around other dogs. Socialization… read more

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