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When you need attention from your dog you can use it’s name, or a cue like ‘look’ to get them to look at you. We will use a process called shaping to teach the dog to look in the direction of our eyes. Make sure you have something the dog… read more

This is a handy cue you can teach your dog to be careful with its mouth. All too often dogs snap at hands to get treats and reward themselves for this bad behavior. Don’t let your dog bite you as it takes a treat. If your dog is not gentle when it read more

Leash work is not the easiest concept to teach a dog, but once learned it is a wonderful thing. Set your dog up for success by exercising before practicing and choosing one side for your dog to walk on. Remember it is our job to keep our end of the… read more

Most people don’t like to have a dog jumping all over them. If your dog does not jump up on people continue reinforcing your dog for not jumping by petting it when all four paws are on the floor, if your dog needs help with this you can try using… read more

When teaching ‘leave it’ there are two very important things. First, ‘leave it’ is forever, don’t let the dog have the thing it was told to leave alone. Second, do not punish the dog for trying to get the forbidden object, instead… read more

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