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Q:          One of our therapy dogs is a great therapy dog.  However, she flunked her re-registration because of her vocalization (whining and squealing) and wanting to visit and smell the "neutral" dog.  As a side note, after she gets to read more

Q:          My dog is displaying symptoms of Separation and Isolation Anxiety as well as having abnormal sleep patterns. She gets plenty of exercise but it seems to wind her up even more. She is a 6 month old German Shorthair/Wirehair… read more

When you are training your dog you can use your voice with your dog as a tool for communication.  It is best to speak in a neutral tone of voice when giving your dog a cue, say things once clearly, and don’t repeat yourself. You can also use hand read more

Although everyone knows the importance of a dog knowing to come when called, many dogs are not reliable at doing it. There are a couple methods I use to get his behavior but first and foremost recalls have to always be a happy and positive thing for read more

Introduction to Potty Training: There are three types of potty training techniques we commonly recommend: 1.  Crate Training Keep it the right size– just big enough to turn around, sit & lie down. Confine to crate when the puppy… read more

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