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Clicker training is a way of training your dog to perform various behaviors with little or no force. Dogs can quickly be taught to understand the meaning of a clicker if the person on the loop end of the leash understands the concepts clearly. This read more

Fading out treats is not something everyone understands how to do. To do it correctly it helps if you're organized and collect data. There are a few ways to do it properly but keep in mind that the reality of treat fading is that your goal should… read more

This was a referral email from another dog trainer. She asked if she could come along with me on the private lesson and give her some advise on what to do in this case as she was not used to getting people to accept crossover training. Crossover… read more

Originally posted by the ASPCA. There’s nothing more scrumptious than gathering with friends and family for the holidays, but many of the ingredients in human fun can result in distress for pets. As we kick off this season of lights, parties… read more

For everyone who doesn’t want their dog bolting out the door or simply to be more patient, this is a great cue. Teaching a dog to ‘wait’ is actually pretty simple. Often people are confused about the difference between ‘wait’ and… read more

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