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Ian Dunbar's books offer a wealth of training information on potty training, socialization, and more.  I highly recommend that anyone with a puppy read these books before you begin puppy class. To download a copy click here to access our Downloads… read more

The U.S. Department of Justice changed the Service Dog Laws associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) effective March 15, 2011. The updated law now reads that dogs who provide, “crime deterrent effects with their presence,… read more

Everyone loves puppies! Who wouldn't? They're cute, cuddly and meant to be our best friends.  The notion of having our pet become a certified service dog, however, is  another notion entirely. While this endeavor can be worth the effort it is not… read more

Nobody wants to be bitten, and nobody wants to have their dog bite a child, vet, or groomer (or hopefully anyone else for that matter). We need to teach our dogs to let us take care of the without resisting us. We should always watch for signs of… read more

Most people don’t like to have a dog jumping all over them. If your dog is already a pro at staying off people then continue reinforcing this positive behavior by petting it when all four paws are on the floor. If your dog needs help with this you read more

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